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Everest IMS and its flexible framework






VSAT Monitoring

Centralized Remote Management of VSAT devices and Geographical View with Real-time status. Grouping based on Customer, Region and Location.



CCTV Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring of IP Cameras and instant alerting based on the logs captured for Motion-Detection, Tampering, Idle Mode and Device Health.

WiFi Monitoring

Management of Access Controller and respective Access Points through monitoring statistics for Temperature, AP counts, Power Attenuation, Signal Strength, Users Connected, etc. 

Tower Utility Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring of key components like BMS, SMPS, Energy Meter, DG and Modbus devices along with customized Tower Utilities Report. 

ATM Monitoring

Manage and Monitor ATM Links and connectivity from Bank Head Office to various locations. Instant Alert generation for unstable Device or Link status.

Cloud Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring of private cloud infrastructure which are orchestrated through CloudStack / OpenStack.

Digital Media Monitoring

Centralized Remote Management of Monitoring projector statistics, power flow into the lamp, audio system, device health, server health, and disk utilization.

RF Device Monitoring

Centralized Remote Management of RF Devices like Converter, Amplifiers, Modems, Receivers used for Satellite Communication.

Small-scale Customization



Custom Params

Device Adaptation

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