Take control of your entire business infrastructure through




Fault Management

With a multi mode rule based fault detection system, quickly isolate and resolve faults through simple as well as advanced in-built scripting modules. Immediate fault detection via polling & traps with auto-correlation mechanism for RCA.

Performance Monitoring

Multiple aspect performance tracking for Proactive Management.  The system collects, monitors & reports all performance metrics of your infrastructure. These metrics can be extracted from any kind of IP or Non-IP equipment's.

Topology Mapping

Automatic Detection of Network Topology and projection of the data in Diagrammatic View with easy color-coded status. In-built algorithms that detects & maps all of your infrastructure and the relations between them. 

Config Management

Download, baseline and actively track any configuration changes in your network devices. Schedule backups and access comparison reports with color-code highlights, instant notifications & approval settings.

Reports & Dashboard

Fully configurable dashboards & reports with multi-tier logical and business views. Default set of pre-configured reports. Analysis driven capacity planning. Self driven auto reports for specified users.

SLA Management

Configure, track and manage all customer & vendor SLAs from a single platform. Intelligent SLA monitoring through proactive violation alerting & comprehensive reporting.

Inventory Management

Create a central inventory base for your network devices, servers, desktops, etc. to actively track any changes. Auto-notification for any changes in the device settings and other software-related information.

Service Desk

Easily integrate with in-house ITILv3 based ticketing engine

TrafficFlow Analysis

Easily integrate with in-house tool to capture packet flows

NSADV Monitoring

Monitor & Manage Network, Server, Application, Database & VMs 

IoT & Others

Monitor and Manage Non-IP, IoT, Scada & other sensor based devices

3rd Party Integration

Effortless integration with 3rd party systems and other APIs

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