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Infraon IMS has its own set of uniquely designed features that helps in providing distinguished solutions to cater businesses

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A perfectly blended combination of rightly-picked feature-blocks always help in enhancing the performance of your IT Infrastructure thus zeroing the manual efforts.

NSADV Monitoring

NSADV stands for Network, Server, Application, Database and Virtual Machines. The system seamlessly monitors and manages NSADV supported with real-time reports, live dashboards, instant alerts, role-based access, configuration & inventory management, configurable settings & poll periods, customer portal and a robust auditing. 

Service Desk

Infraon provides users with its in-house ITIL-v3 based ticketing engine with inbuilt service management features. Infraon Service Manager can be used as a standalone tool or can be used as an integrated package with Infraon IMS. Available in On-Premise and On-Cloud models, Infraon Service Manager can be easily integrated with any existing 3rd party tool.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Get complete visibility of network traffic and bandwidth usage to avoid major business downtime caused due to heavy bandwidth congestion. See network forensics, do root-cause analysis, maintain QoS policies through Infraon's traffic flow analysis feature. Supports monitoring and analysis of Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, NetStream flow data.

IoT & Others

Infraon's Unified and highly scalable system provides a platform for securely on-boarding, monitoring and managing small-scale to large-scale IoT systems across all business verticals. Smartly manage all IT and non-IT devices and gain real-time visibility into your assets through a single dashboard.

3rd Party Integration

Given it's flexible framework, Infraon can seamlessly integrate with any 3rd party tool (new added or existing in your IT network) using RestAPIs. The easy integration feature, magnifies Infraon's capability to act as a Super Manager for your entire business network.





Unified Dashboard with responsive UI providing fast & simplified data ready at your finger-tip, also enabling enriched user experience.


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