AI powered unified and highly scalable IoTMS system. 

Provides a platform for securely on-boarding, monitoring and managing small-scale to large-scale IoT systems across all business verticals. Smartly manage all IT and non-IT devices and gain real-time visibility into your assets through a single dashboard.

  • Data Collection

  • Device Management

  • Information Security

  • Command & Control

  • Data Analytics

Infraon IoTMS – Data Fuels Digital Transformation
Prepare and blend machine and sensor data with other assets to provide the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes. Through its highly informative interface Infraon IoTMS captures and provides real-time performance data of these devices.

Core Features Snapshot

Data Collection

Low bandwidth, low energy usage lightweight protocols are used for typical IoT devices. It drives a multi-protocol scenario depending on the application, payload container, messaging or legacy systems.

Device Management

The tool supports vendor agnostic devices support along with Device Status Monitoring, Configuration Management, Auto-Alert mechanism and Self-driven Firmware / Software updates.

Information Security

Device and Platform Communication needs to be secure and encrypted. The Infraon IoTMS tool is designed to support advanced communication with access control measures. It allows separate private network communication, on-cloud application level security, and a host of others.

Command & Control

It offers a centralized platform that supports all possible integration with third party tools. Using standard (Rest API) / specific proprietary integration, etc.

Data Analytics

Data needs to be analyzed in intelligent manner to get meaningful insights. Infraon IoTMS offers analytics that are: Real Time, Batch, Predictive, Interactive

Power IT and business collaboration to deliver transformative results

Amalgamate information to stay nimble

Blend Machine and Sensor Data with other data assets to drive business transformation

Empower Predictive Maintenance

Use predictive algorithms to determine operational challenges and proactively identify product-quality problems.

Improve Customer Experience

Identify existing and new categories of products and services, reduce churn and acquire new customers.

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