your business processes and service delivery

through predefined workflows managed by an

ITILv3-based Service Management engine.

Also available in Cloud model.

Features that matter to accelerate

your organizational processes

A wide range of traditional features packaged in a modern and tech-savvy way to manage your internal & external business processes.


But we also need to think out of the box

Track and manage your services & workflows with our quick-help and easy-to-use Service Management feature tools, totally aligned with ITILv3 guildlines.

What's different about Infraon Service Manager ?

With its light-weight codes, Infraon Service Manager can not only integrate with any existing tools in your datacenter, but also act as an Umbrella Manager for managing all your supporting IT tools on a single unified dashboard.

Make our IT Service Manager tool

act as a SuperManger for your datacenter

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Explore the full set of Infraon Service Manager features and see the difference in your business operations and process workflows.

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Knowledge is the most powerful resource

Explore through the Infraon Service Manager resources and deep-dive into the technicalities and other supporting details of this ITILv3 based Service Manager engine.

Take a quick glance at the product highlights

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elaborate case studies

Our greatest assets - Our Clients !!!

Customers across various business verticals have trusted in Infraon Service Manager's capabilities and have been continuously growing with its technical benefits.

Because we believe in understanding your painpoints and be part of the your business journey.

“ Infraon’s ensured high service availability across all branches. It is an integrated one-stop solution for performance and server management. Infraon provides great flexibility in managing a complex network through its centralized Service Desk. ”

--- Geojit BNP Paribas

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