Laying the Foundation for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Unsheathe the potential of your IT Infrastructure

Infraon, the latest version of Everest IMS not only mitigates the effort of managing numerous devices and critical IT components in a heterogeneous network, but also minimizes network downtime, through a unified dashboard. This is a tool which can be used by businesses across any industry vertical with single or multi-location presence. Through its real-time monitoring and proactive management, Infraon this product helps in quick decision-making with increased visibility of the entire IT Infrastructure.

The Infraon Value Proposition

Why "Infraon"

What is at the core of all that we do?

The name 'Infraon' arose out of the need to articulate the capabilities of the 'Everest Product Suite' to match that of its future trajectory. Somewhere along the line we felt that the vision, path, features and outcomes scenario that we were delivering to our clients in the next version of our product suite had sprinted light years ahead.

Stay at peak performance

Whether it is ensuring the uptime of a datacentre, managing the critical IT components across heterogeneous infrastructure, connectivity of a mobile tower network, tracking vendor SLAs or defining golden templates for change management, there is one single unified theme that binds everything together – your “Infrastructure” is “Always” “Online” - all the time, every time.

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