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Change from manual to automatic and simplify your IT tasks to skillfully manage all devices across multiple datacenters from a single location.

Fault Management

A multi-mode rule based fault detection system, which quickly isolates & resolves fault with simple-to-advanced built in notification and scripting modules.

Performance Management

Monitor and analyse the performance of each device present in your network infrastructure. Efficiently gauge network performance through dynamic thresholds and predictive analysis.

Topology Management

Automatic detection of entire network topology through inbuilt algorithms with accurate simulation of global datacenter architecture on Live Dashboards and  color-coded status.

Configuration Management

Download, baseline and actively track any configuration changes in your network devices with color-code highlights, instant notifications and approval settings. 

Reports & Dashboards

Business-driven real-time reports & live dashboards with multi-tier logical views and role-based access, smartly equipped with easy configurable and auto-scheduling options.

SLA Management

Intelligently configure, track and manage all you customer and vendors SLA from a single location through proactive violation alerting and comprehensive reporting.

Inventory Management

A central inventory base for your network, servers, desktops and other assets allowing you to track and stay notified about each changes & other audit details.

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Unified Dashboard with responsive UI providing fast & simplified data ready at your finger-tip, also enabling enriched user experience.

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