Engineered for Remote and Secure Productivity

A Remote Access, Authorization & Security System that powers real-time Cognition, Detection & Response.

  • User specific device access

  • User management and permission

  • Data centre access

  • Temporary, role-based access for third parties 

  • Privileged access to OT endpoints 

A crucial and immediate need for modern enterprises is a solution that grants clear and direct access to every component in their IT infrastructure (often spread across public and private clouds) while simultaneously ensuring granular access controls, monitoring and recording of all actions with real-time control over every privileged session.
Infraon SecuRA offers you a multi-pronged approach to “Remote Security and Access” – one that gives you exhaustive and complete control over your IT infrastructure, no matter how complex and distributed. Administrators can now easily authorize user specific access to devices on the network and even approve what commands can be fired through it. Infraon SecuRA is web-based and offers users a “Remote Access, Authorization & Security System” that enables privileged session management for regulating access to remote systems through secure channels from a unified console. 

Typical remote access use cases addressed by Infraon SecuRA

Secure and audited access of the Network Core via CLI protocols (SSH and Telnet) - These can be on-premises, at the edge, in the cloud, and hybrid environments – all controlled from a single console across multiple users with different privileges. 

Remote work facilities – Wouldn’t it be easy to easily span and manage the entire workforce by enabling privileged access to sensitive corporate systems through secure CLI sessions. SecuRA also offers granular access controls for enterprise system administrators to provide users with just enough privileges to access the required devices and the commands they can execute in those given devices.

Remote access to the network via the CLI jump server - The CLI connection to the end device would always be initiated from the secuRA server and not from the client’s device. This create a boundary of security and provides much higher protection levels. In the event of any compromise of the client’s device, it is never carried forward. 

Temporary, role-based access for third parties – These can be granted for contractors, vendors, and outsourced employees to access networks and servers without the need for privileged credentials. Using SecuRA administrators can create custom roles for them with just the right access to conduct their tasks, while recording, logging, and monitoring their activities.

Collaborative session settings - For administrators to join an ongoing remote session with a single click for brainstorming, and also offering assistance to users while monitoring their activities during troubleshooting sessions.

Session monitoring – This helps promote organizational transparency while providing IT administrators with the ability to view and, if necessary, interrupt and terminate an active session. Easily record every user session with playback capabilities for forensic audits.

Conduct Audits – Gain clear insight into what has changed and which user/s have made changes in an easy searchable format. 

Regional/Region-wise Access: Every regional IT admin needs to access a given range devices in an allocated region. With secuRA you can easily grant rights and permissions to only those specific regional devices. 

Command Restrictions: Restrict commands that are potentially dangerous and unauthorised made by unwitting users. 

Infraon SecuRA – Powerful Features

Infraon SecuRA offers you a rich feature set and myriad options to enable your RSA. Please go through our feature list to know more.

Powerful & Versatile Features


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