AI-enabled UNMS System

For Telcos, large Enterprises and

Government Organizations

  • Multi-vendor management

  • Multi-domain management

  • Multi-function management

  • Multi-dimensional management data

  • Support for cloud and virtualized platforms

  • Facilitated workflows 

  • Effective collaboration

Infraon UNMS improves operational efficiency, drives business transformation and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) for Enterprises across verticals and industries.
Infraon UNMS enables business transformation for Enterprises, Telcos and Government Agencies of any scale by contextualizing complex information from converged IT environments and presenting it with actionable insights. It also acts as a “Manager of Managers” and OSS system for Telecommunication, which consolidates and analyzes events, inventory and performance data under a single umbrella from various EMS/NMS systems using multiple protocols.

Infraon UNMS - Optimizing management through simplicity

Infraon UNMS revolutionizes the vertical management concept by adopting a horizontal approach offering intervention at the Element, Network and Service management layers.

Multi-vendor management: supports mixed, multi-vendor environments
Multi-domain management: helps monitor network-attached devices of a wide range of types
Multi-function management:  delivers capabilities that span all primary, secondary and tertiary IT networks management functional areas
Multi-dimensional management data: gathers multiple types of management data allowing operators multiple viewpoints within the same management system.
Support for cloud and virtualized platforms: Helps manage virtualized computing environments, including the virtual network elements within them.
Facilitated workflows: offers a single seamless set of dashboard and console views rather than trying to arbitrate between independent data sets.
Effective collaboration: offers programmatic interfaces for exporting any and all data and events into other management and reporting systems.

Infraon UNMS – The benefits of converging scale, breadth and depth

Enterprises, CTOs and other “C” level executives can now observe the bigger picture from a single pane, along with drill down capabilities thus enabling quick and effective decision making from management teams.

Infraon UNMS also comes with the operational depth for engineering teams to trigger targeted / specific changes across any of the IT infrastructure segments either vertically or horizontally.

Build, expand and operate multiple sites in a “Centralized or Localized” Operational Centers model for Global Business

Summarization of Critical Information from multiple systems for advanced level of analytics in timely manner leading to more accurate capacity planning

Improvement in maintaining higher and challenging SLAs and OLAs translating into premium service categories

Cost optimization from enhanced collaboration between departments for Business Operations & Services delivery

Operational Man-power optimization by utilizing Subject Matter Experts, Vendor / Technology specialists on a need basis instead of regular contracts.

Confidently adopt new Technologies / Vendors in order to “Try Out and Build” business use cases of them.

Paving the way for defining and roll-out of new services or business offerings in an aggressive manner supported by visibility & manageability of Infrastructure and Operations involving Heterogeneous Technologies through the UNMS

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