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EverestIMS marked its presence at CIO Klub Kolkata Chapter;

Presented its Digital Transformation strategies

The event witnessed 100+ CIOs across BFSI, healthcare & pharma, energy, mining, construction, engineering, retail, IT, textiles, media, entertainment, etc


EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd (Everest), recently participated in Digital Rainbow, the first anniversary of CIO Klub, Kolkata Chapter. The CIO Association (CIO Klub) is the largest association of Chief Information Officers in India. The theme of the event was Digital Transformation and to empower companies with the best practices.

The key objective of the event was to share experiences and explore new opportunities in the digital transformation journey. The event highlighted the state of digital disruption and what should businesses expect to remain relevant and successful. It also emphasised on flexibility and learning new skills that can help digital leaders to help their companies grow in the coming year. 

Mr. Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS Technologies shared insights on the core elements of Digital Transformation and how they act as an ecosystem of an organisation to deliver measurable results. He dwelt extensively on the key pillars of Digital Transformation namely, Customer Experience Digital Transformation, Operational Process Transformation and the Business Model Transformation are changing business paradigms in India and across the world.

“Companies need to embrace Digital Transformation as a mandate, not as an option. The future is one where digital technology will be integrated into all areas of an enterprise  business, thereby disrupting how companies operate and empowering them to consistently deliver value to clients and stakeholders”, said Satish Kumar V, CEO of EverestIMS Technologies. “Digital transformation drives enterprises to up their competitive ante while staying competitive against peer companies spanning technology goliaths as well as start-ups. Successful enterprises have sprinted ahead of the game by focusing on atomizing digital transformation initiatives into achievable granular components that help achieve speed and scale.”

The event benefitted vendors, media and CIOs from different companies by providing an interactive platform to exchange the best practices of digital transformation. Knowledge sharing sessions helped industry leaders to formulate strategies in addressing the common IT issues. The event ended up on a good note.


About CIO Klub

CIO Association (CIO Klub) formed in 2008 in Mumbai, currently has strength of 1500+ members representing Manufacturing, BFSI, Service, Pharma and Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, Construction, Energy, Infrastructure etc. CIOKLUB has 9 working chapters Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. It is a part of the “Global Digital Leaders Association” from China, Europe, Russia, South America and United States and recently inked an alliance with CIONET, a Global CIO Network organization.

About EverestIMS Technologies

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Everest) is an Indian product company. With a rich market experience in the I&O space, the company has built a widespread presence across the country through its product portfolio. Having a mixed team of industry veterans in its management board, the company’s vision is to satisfy the dynamic requirements of varied organizations by providing them with modern-day tech-savvy IT tools, and to become an efficient enabler in the digital ecosystem. The organization specializes in providing integrated IT solutions to empower corporations and enterprises for the delivery of enhanced services to their end-users. Under the brand name of “Everest” the company have 3 distinct products namely – Everest IMS (Unified IT Infrastructure Management Suite for Networking and IT - both IP & Non-IP based Devices), Everest SM (An ITIL based Service Management tool), and Everest IoTMS (Monitoring and Management Suite for IoT & SCADA devices).


For more information, visit: www.everestims.com

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