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Quick deployment and easy administration for effective Service Rollout. Intuitive UI design resulting in small learning curve for Technicians / Engineers / Employees / Field staff / Customers / Vendors.


Everest SM not only seamlessly integrates to Everest IMS to give complete control of your infrastructure, but can also integrate to your existing system CRM, IMS, HRMS or Analytical Systems for greater visibility.

Features of Everest-Service Manager

Multi channel


Raise, converse, respond to tickets via a simple plain text or templatized emails. Complete history of emails are maintained per ticket.

Live Chat / Wall

Chat with your customer or employees who are raising the ticket and provide them on-the-spot support. Entire chat history at your finger tips.

Integrated With Everest IMS

System has a two-way data-integration with Everest IMS and hence can open, close or resolve tickets on real-time basis.

API Driven

Integrate with you existing CRM, HRMS, AD, Radius etc., with the open API of the system. Rest API makes it straight forward for two-way data-integration.

Web Portal

Provide each End User of your service access to the self-service portal to raise, track and know the progress of their tickets.

And Many More......
Knowledge Base
Self Service Portal

Every customer will have the ability to raise, track status or respond to tickets. Access to KB can be given to aid self-serviceability reducing burden on your service team.

Task Management

Create, assign, track and get reports of even the minute-level task that needs to be completed for resolving a ticket.

Dynamic Workflow

Department specific rule-based workflows can be defined based on any critical parameters like status, criticality, user type etc., streamline service delivery and boost business value.

Role based access

System offers default roles like Technician, CSE, Vendor Manager, Requester and Customer. Custom user types can be defined based their on role and permissions though a simple intuitive UI.

SLA Management

Maintain, track and find out the compliances of all the SLA you or your vendor has signed up. Added notification and reporting gives you in-depth handle on the SLA's


Create customer survey for the issues handled by your help desk agents. Get the feel of your customers' feedback and manage / improve their satisfaction levels.

Help Customers

Help Themselves

Service Manager comes with vast number of pre-built as well us user-configurable dynamic reporting profiles.


Widget based and user specific dashboards makes using the system very simple and easy to use. 

Auto Report functionality ensures delivery of required reports right to you at the schedule time. 


Maintain and Manage Your Customers' Expertations - all from single console.

Advanced SLA feature with in-built rule-based escalation engine enables you to be on top of your customer experience.

In-built Knowledge Base and CMDB will help keep data up to date and traceable. 

Integrated Asset Management system ensures visibility across all your assets including networking equipment, servers, end points etc.

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